Important announcement – MAFH Chairman

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A message from Mike Rees, Chairman of MAFH

When we started this journey, COVID was not a factor in any decision making process or any of our daily lives. Yet a short time later, this has not only impacted every individual on the planet, but the value proposition of MAFH and what the vision and future look like. 

In this context, the board has taken to engaging the ecosystem and all our stakeholders, to develop the strategy for the association for the next few years. We need fresh ideas, innovations and mindsets to realize the full potential of Mauritius, and its goal of being the premier FinTech hub for Africa.

I would also like to announce that the CEO of MAFH, Michal Szymanski, will be taking a sabbatical, effective 4th of July 2022, until later in the year. Michal has played a critical role in the successful development of the Mauritian FinTech ecosystem, and the Board and I, wish him all the best in building and learning new skills, in Rwanda over the next 3 months.

The Board has named Head of Marketing & Communications, Benazeer Saïdoo, as Deputy CEO of MAFH, starting from the 4th of July. As alluded to above, during the next few months we will be conducting a process of reviewing the structure, services, value proposition of the association. We will share updates and progress regularly and we ask for your continued support in our evolution to MAFH 2.0.

We are all excited for the next chapter of MAFH and we continue our important work to develop an inclusive pan-African fintech ecosystem that knows no borders. If you have any questions, thoughts on the strategic direction or concerns during this transition process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.