Future FinTech Champions (FFC) Programme 2022

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Are you a student interested in learning more about FinTech?

  • Are you studying banking, finance, accounting or another related field and want to understand how fintech is disrupting the sector?
  • Are you a computer science or other technical student who wants to understand the opportunities that exist at the intersection of technology and finance?
  • Are you a budding entrepreneur with FinTech unicorn ambitions?
  • Do you aspire to be a youth leader in the Fintech space?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Future Fintech Champions (FFC) programme could be for you!

The Future FinTech Champions initiative is a one-year programme aimed at growing future leaders for the FinTech sector by immersing a cohort of specially selected students into the Mauritian FinTech ecosystem to gain knowledge and industry insight as well as a range of work-ready skills.

Why learn about FinTech?

FinTech is disruption…

The FinTech industry is growing rapidly and disrupting the traditional banking & financial Services sector by offering new and improved products and services to consumers and businesses. For FinTech companies to grow and scale, and for incumbents to adapt to these disruptions, the sector needs a growing supply of talent with the right skills and attitudes – we need you!

Disruptions to the traditional banking and financial service sector is already changing the job outlook for today’s current students, new jobs will be created, some jobs may change or require new skill sets, and some others may disappear completely as technology automates some roles.

FinTech is opportunity…

These disruptions may seem scary, but they offer a range of exciting new opportunities for students looking to embrace and drive this change.

In order to build a growing and dynamic Fintech talent pool in Mauritius we need students like you to understand and embrace the opportunities that Fintech offers.

Why become a Future Fintech Champion?

Our Future Fintech Champions grow their skills and knowledge of the FinTech sector through immersion in the Mauritian FinTech ecosystem. Through participation in all of MAFH’s workshops, events, regulatory roundtables, internships and other activities you will gain knowledge and insights, develop your professional network, and build a portfolio of activities and experiences that you can showcase to future employers.

Develop your skills & knowledge!

As an FFC you will build your knowledge of the technologies, opportunities, and challenges facing the industry by attending our industry talks and workshops which span topics as diverse as fintech trends, underlying technologies like blockchain and AI, and entrepreneurship skills like pitching and sales technique.

As our FinTech ambassadors, you will develop your soft skills through the organisation of your own events. These events help you develop organisational skills, communication skills and critical thinking, among others.

Build your network!

As an FFC you are invited to all of MAFH’s networking events where you get to meet with our members and other stakeholders in the ecosystem, including startup founders, corporate executives, and even representatives of the regulatory bodies. Through these events, you gain a platform to build your own network of industry contacts that you will be able to leverage throughout your career.

By becoming an FFC you are also part of a peer group of like-minded future leaders who you will work and grow alongside throughout the year. Share experiences, and build a network of future friends in the industry.

Gain real industry exposure!

As an FFC you will gain access to internship opportunities with our member companies to build real industry experience.

You will also be part of our regulatory roundtable events where you will get the unique opportunity to sit down at the table with industry leaders and representatives from the regulatory bodies as they discuss the real challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Be a change-maker and influencer whilst developing your portfolio!

As an FFC you will also act as our ambassadors for the FinTech sector by writing blog articles and organising FinTech awareness-raising events and initiatives on your home university campus.

Spread the word about FinTech and it’s opportunities whilst developing your event management and communication skills. Influence your peers through sharing with the community through the FFC LinkedIn page and MAFH website. Through these interventions, you will build a portfolio of demonstrated industry-ready skills such as communication, problem-solving, leadership skills, and professionalism.

The Inaugural Cohort of 2021

The programme launched in January 2021 with the first cohort of 20 Future Fintech Champions selected from 6 different Mauritian universities.

So far in 2021 the FFCs have participated in 24 MAFH events including workshops, regulatory roundtables, webinars and networking events. They have researched and written 38 blog posts on FinTech topics,  participated in the international conference the Africa Fintech Festival, and organised 15 fintech-focused university campus events reaching more than 1500 fellow students!

Great sign me up! How do I apply?

If you are a student currently studying in Mauritius and interested in exploring FinTech and the opportunities it offers, then becoming one of our Future Fintech Champions could be for you!


  • Currently studying at a higher education institution in Mauritius
  • In the first years of your course (Participation in the FFC programme is quite demanding and requires a high-level of motivation and time commitment, for this reason, participation in this programme is not suitable for those in their final year who may have restricted capacity to take part.)
  • Demonstrated interest in FinTech (ideal candidates are those who can show their interest in the fintech space. Have you taken online courses? Attended events? Read articles or listened to podcasts? Tell us about it!).

The programme is run on an annual basis and recruitment for the 2022 cohort is open now!

You can apply for the programme by clicking on the button below and submitting your online application. Only the best candidates are selected and competition for spots is fierce so put your best foot forward and tell us why we should pick you!

The closing date for applications is January 3rd, 2022

We look forward to receiving your application!