MAFH Webinar: Demystifying the Regulatory Sandbox Licence Framework

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This was a dedicated session held on the 20th of May on the Regulatory Sandbox Licence (RSL) Framework, with the participation of:

The topics of discussion addressed in this session are laid out as follows:

  • About the National Regulatory Sandbox Licence (NRSL) Committee
  • Application process and the average issue time of a RSL
  • Assessment of financial, technical and regulatory aspects of RSL applications
  • Rejection of RSL applications

If you have an innovative project for which there is no regulatory framework available or the current supervisory infrastructure is inadequate to carry out the project, you can watch this session to gain an overview of the RSL framework which might help you to implement your idea!

Here are some questions in regard to the RSL framework that were answered by our speakers during the webinar:

  • What are the factors taken into account prior to granting an RSL?
  • There is no legal framework for regulation of Cryptocurrency in Mauritius. How is the platform licensed operating and who is regulating it?
  • What Financial Vehicle is used for Crowdfunding?
  • Are there specific licensing conditions which may be attached to an RSL and if so, please provide examples?
  • What are the merits of granting a cryptocurrency-related RSL, in view of the current uncertainties surrounding Bitcoin for instance?
  • Does the EDB also act as a supervisory body for the licensees? If so, what type of supervision is undertaken?
  • Just like the FSC and the Bank of Mauritius have a list of licensees on their website, does the EDB have such a list?