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Innovation is key in a fast-moving FinTech space

At MAFH, we welcome innovation, entrepreneurship and provide an environment to facilitate their development! As an entrepreneur/startup, we can accompany you in reaching your next growth stage. 

As a corporate, we can support you in solving your current challenges. Learn more below on our services!


Reach the next step of your growth phase, whether you’re an established tech company or a pre-funded FinTech startup, with the help of Mauritian and international industry experts. You can do this from anywhere in the world, but there are additional benefits for joining our hub in Mauritius.

FSPs & Corporate

Commission the production of FinTech solutions that nobody else can in both new and existing global markets. Stay on-top of the latest tech trends by taking advantage of brand-new developments in the FinTech space in both Africa and Mauritius, before anybody else has a chance.

Discover our Incubation Programme

Every single programme designed by MAFH, provides a holistic approach to entrepreneur development, to ensure that we have tangible outcomes. This is used as a corner stone of the support, but is customized per entrepreneur. We are agile in terms of the support that is needed by every entrepreneur on the programme.

We have an open collaboration model, meaning that we would work with partners (academia, funders, private/public sector) in the ecosystem to enhance our value proposition. We are realistic in the sense that we will never be the best at everything, but know what we are good at. We traditionally work with specialists in their various fields, as having such high-level resources internally does not make financial sense (Also our belief system is that for specialists to stay specialist, they need to be running their own businesses bringing the ‘’edge’’ to their engagements. They need to hustle day to day as entrepreneurs and their learning curve is continuous, versus a full-time staff member that over time becomes less effective).

All incubation programmes are led by Michal Szymanski.

Michal Szymanski

Michal Szymanski


Michal was involved in the running of one of South Africa’s leading incubators where he personally interviewed, worked with and mentored over 6 000 entrepreneurs. He was also part of a team that set up similar incubators in other parts of the country. Michal has worked with clients such as Vodacom, Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) BHP,  VISA, Telkom, Honeywell, Bidvest Bank and also ran his own business in the FMCG sector. 

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Develop an Incubation Programme with MAFH

Throughout our years of operation, MAFH has been at the forefront facilitating insights into what the future looks like, not only for our entrepreneurs, youth work readiness participants but also for large corporates from across the globe. We have recently created a new Innovation Division, that will facilitate and provide guidance to our various stakeholders, on topics such as “The 4th Industrial Revolution: The Future Work” As per the World Economic Forum report and the disruption that is seen globally through technology, there are many large and small business that see this as a threat to the way that they do business, and their sustainability. MAFH’s Innovation team views this as an opportunity to engage and proactively plan for what lies ahead.

MAFH provides comprehensive reporting, along with tangible measurement and evaluation (M&E) in whatever projects and programmes we are involved in. All documentation, mentoring sessions, workshops have comprehensive reporting structures, to not only ensure correct delivery, but also to record attendance etc. in order to be able to pick up warning flags in advance. Our programmes are designed at a holistic high-level overview, but are customizable per entrepreneur, as they could be at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

As a corporate, we can support you in finding innovative solutions to your current problem statements and challenges.

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