Investment and Deal Flow

Now is the time to invest in FinTech and innovation in Africa

Finding the right partners to work with in the ecosystem!

There is a call for African businesses and governments to be open to tech disruption with the aim of improving the future outlook for the whole continent, but in the meanwhile, tech ecosystems are here to help ease the journey from tech innovation to market viable product.

Providing Growth Opportunities to Startups

MAFH aims to deliver opportunities that support all participants in the ecosystem and promote growth and development across the sector by removing blockers.

As part of our mandate to help startups reach their next growth phase, we provide:

  • Business support to strengthen your business strategy
  • Access to funding opportunities
  • Access to forums and dealrooms for startups to showcase their solutions and build relationships
  • Exposure and branding opportunities

Assisting Corporates in Developing Business Solutions with the Right Partners

The Hub has an existing network of Mauritian, pan-African as well as international entrepreneurs, FinTech businesses and tech experts open to collaboration and innovation.

As a Corporate part of the Hub, you can stand to:

  • Get MAFH support in building innovation labs to help fast-track the development of specific products or solutions if required and viable
  • Benefit from investment agreements in place between the Mauritian government and some African states, to penetrate new African markets
  • Slot into the ecosystem and find the perfect partnerships.

Guiding Investors in the African FinTech Landscape

The African FinTech space is brimming with opportunity but entering new African markets as an investor can be daunting. Which horse should you back? Growth is imminent, but it’s not always easy to drive innovation through investment when local legislation, licensing issues and red tape is hampering tech development, and consequently business and industry growth.

To help you in this endeavour, MAFH can provide you with:

  • Investment workshops to discover innovative and vetted African FinTech solutions and services
  • Facilitation in access to schemes and funds (Governmental support)
  • Trade fairs and dealroom (physical / virtual)

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