Regulatory & Policy Strategy

Unblocking constraints for FinTech development in Mauritius and across Africa

Finding the right legal support and resources for your FinTech endeavours!

Mauritius continues to strengthen its FinTech regulatory framework to cement the position of the island as a FinTech hub for the region and our goal is to provide the right levels of support for all stakeholders looking to thrive in the African ecosystem.

Guiding Start-ups in their FinTech Journey

Because of the very nature of FinTech, it can be challenging for start-ups, entrepreneurs or SMES to get past the red tape after investing the time to innovate, particularly if it involves disrupting historically traditional industries.

In this regard, MAFH can provide you with:

  • Regulatory & business support to overcome regulatory hurdles
  • Resources to deepen your knowledge of regulations around the Financial and Technology spaces
  • Insights for legal experts & regulators
  • Access to regulators through exclusive regulatory events

Supporting Corporates in the Adoption and Integration of

FinTech in their Business

If you’re part of an FSP or corporate entity, you likely have an idea of the changing tech environment and the risks involved in developing FinTech technologies in-house in response to market needs. 

The overall consensus most recently has been in favour of partnerships between more established FSPs or corporates and smaller companies with the agility to innovate. This helps small businesses grow and helps larger, more traditional companies broaden their offering with new fresh products.

Joining the MAFH can assist you and your business in:

  • Understanding the FinTech regulatory landscape in Mauritius and Africa
  • Staying up to date with the latest regulations and laws in this space (locally, regionally and internationally)
  • Building relationships with vetted FinTech innovators and start-ups to build in-house solutions 
  • Getting the right legal support for your business and penetrate new African markets
  • Getting insights from regulators through exclusive events

Collaborating with Policy Makers to Facilitate FinTech Development

We work closely with regulators on the ground in Mauritius and across Africa to build industry awareness and in an effort overcome existing regulatory hurdles.

As part of this mandate, we provide services to regulatory institutions to:

  • Engage with regulators and help develop a better understanding of FinTech solutions and services, and what they entail from a legal perspective
  • Bridge the gap between expectations and reality in the FinTech regulatory framework
  • Leverage on pan-african/international networks for regulatory support and access

Bringing the Ecosystem together with Business Associations

MAFH can provide valuable insight to business associations’ communities in Mauritius and across Africa through our work and become a trusted source of information for FinTech, as part of a partnership model.

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