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Finding the right programme for your business!

The FinTech space has recorded impressive growth over the past few years, and the development of the sector in Mauritius is attracting interest all over the world. Some of the major drivers of growth in the FinTech ecosystem are demographics, mobile phone access and financial inclusion, however, finding the right skills and talents, a lack of market data and limited funding options can also act as constraints on growth for many FinTech companies. Nevertheless, the market is responding at a growing rate.

Empowering FinTech Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and SMEs

In order to support your growth as a FinTech entrepreneur, start-up or SME, MAFH provides the following:

  • Workshops specifically designed to help you grow and scale 
  • Entrepreneurial support
  • Help you develop your general business skill sets
  • Better understand transformational technologies (blockchain, AI, etc) and integrate them into your business

Demistifying FinTech for Corporates

Most business leaders, managers and C-suite Executives have a degree of familiarity with the term FinTech and some of the underlying disruptive technologies associated with it. In fact, terms like blockchain and AI, have attained almost buzzword status in Mauritius, however, for many, the terms remain fuzzy or misunderstood and their practical application remains somewhat unclear.


In order to support you in your digital transformation and adoption of FinTech, we provide:

  • Access to our programme of monthly workshops and talks
  • Upskilling programmes to meet the challenges of the changing world and stay relevant
  • Facilitation services to foster collaboration with academia in the development of new FinTech talent pool
  • 1-to-1 engagements to Board and other C-level executives

Advisory and Support Services for Academia & Government

MAFH aims to deliver learning opportunities that support all participants in the ecosystem and promote growth and development across the sector by removing blockers. 

As technology constantly changes and competition for talent grows, the challenge is to be responsive to that increasing need. That challenge is also an opportunity for educational partners to work with MAFH to help equip the workforce with skill sets they will need for the future.

In order to support all participants in the ecosystem and remove blockers, we can:

  • Supporting you in the development and delivery of FinTech content for your curriculums
  • Connect and engage students with FinTech industry leaders and players to enhance their relevant skill sets, leading to job opportunities

Support for Students Looking at FinTech as a Career

The FinTech sector offers enormous opportunities for youth. Despite fears of new disruptive technologies and automation threatening certain roles, the need for skilled employees to use advanced technologies will become more apparent than ever. It should also be emphasised that these disruptive technologies will create a significant number of new jobs and roles in the coming years. Advances in these technologies will mean that skills unique to humans such as creativity, teamwork, empathy and innovative thinking will also become increasingly more valued by employers.

Students can reach out to MAFH to get access to:

  • Opportunities to learn more about FinTech via monthly events and workshops 
  • Explore opportunities in the job sector
  • Engage with industry experts 

Developing your General Knowledge Around FinTech

It is important for any person to recognise and understand how FinTech solutions can positively impact their life and help them feel empowered to adopt the new technologies and services. Our role is to assist in reducing fears and misconceptions around new technologies such as FinTech.

In that regards, for anyone wanting to get a first contact with FinTech, we can help you answer those following questions:

  • What is fintech and why is it relevant to me?
  • Learn how FinTech solutions and technologies can serve you and your business

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